Administrative simplification

Administrative simplification, understood as reducing obstacles and workloads stemming from the administrations' bureaucratic activity, has been and is present in all public administrations, the General state administration, the autonomous communities and local administration, as well as in international organisations such as the European Union and the OECD.

Measures have been adopted to reduce administrative workloads to favour and promote economic activity and to simplify citizens' and companies' relations with the different administrations:

  • Simplify procedures
  • Reduce the documents needed to carry out procedures
  • Move forward in the electronic administration
  • Improve regulation

On 9 October 2014 the Administrative simplification and reduction of workloads for the General state administration (PDF) was published(opens in new window) .

Learn about the work of the General state administration on reducing administrative workloads(opens in new window) .

The General state administration invites citizens and companies to participate in the policy to reduce administrative workload by sending their opinions and suggestions on the mailbox for simplifying the administration .