State symbols

This page contains information on Spain's three most basic symbols: the flag, the coat of arms and the anthem.

The coat of arms

Spanish coat of armsOver the course of history, the Spanish coat of arms has undergone a series of modifications since its original form, dating back to the Catholic Monarchs. It is currently regulated by Law 33/1981 of 5 October and by Royal Decrees 2964/81 of 18 December and 2267/82 of 3 September.

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The anthem

On 10 October 1997, the Council of Ministers approved theImage for the national anthem characteristics and provisions that regulated the use of the national anthem, and the next day Royal Decree 1560/97 was published in the Official State Gazette. It recognises "La Marcha Granadera" ("March of the Grenadiers") or the "Marcha Real" ("Royal March") as the origin of the national anthem.

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The flag

The Spanish flagThe Spanish flag, established by King Carlos III by the Royal Decree of 28 May 1785, is now regulated by the Constitution of 1978, which says: 'The Spanish flag is formed by three horizontal stripes, red, yellow and red, with the yellow stripe in the middle double the width of the two red stripes'.

Similarly, article one of Law 39/1981 of 28 October states: 'The flag of Spain symbolises the nation; it is a symbol of the sovereignty, independence, unity and integrity of the fatherland and represents the superior values set out in the Constitution'.

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