I need to carry out a procedure


Find out which steps to take to present applications or deal with other issues involving an organisation, whether you want to comply with an obligation, obtain a benefit or a service or obtain a response to a request.

Procedures can be carried out in person or via the e-Office that each organisation has on the internet. You can view the Directory of e-Offices .

In your dealings with the Administration, you need to know that in its activity the Administration is always subject to administrative law, which is the set of regulations applicable in each case. An administrative decision will be made according to these regulations, granting or refusing the request you have submitted.

It is important to realise that when carrying out any procedure you have a series of guarantees, since the Administration cannot under any circumstances act in an arbitrary way and, if the resolution is contrary to your interests, you have resources to get it reversed.

To obtain more information can access the section Procedures of the Point of General Access.

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Where and how

All procedures with the Administration can be carried out in person or on line. In the first case, you can present applications at register offices . In the second case, you can learn about different procedures and initiate them via the E-Offices of the organisations.

For procedures carried out in person different organisations in the administration are introducing appointment systems. For example, this is done by the Ministry for Home Affairs for the issue or renewal of Spanish ID cards and passports; the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, for immigration procedures; the Directorate-General for Traffic, for driving licences; the Social Security Institute for matters related to contributions; Autonomous Communities for visits to a general practitioner, etc.

You can obtain information about any queries from Public Administration information offices .

Once you have presented an application you can choose the way in which the Administration communicates with you, either to request more information or to inform you of the decision on the administrative procedure that you have initiated.

These communications can be sent electronically, in which case you need to register at the web site for Electronic Notifications(opens in new window) .

For more information you can call 060.

Some organisations have their own system of electronic notifications, for example, the Tax Agency and the Directorate-General for Traffic. 

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