Receive information and guidance

If you have any doubts in your dealings with government bodies regarding procedures, calls for applications and any other kind of administrative matter, you can contact us via various channels:

  • In person: information and attention branches.
  • By phone: help lines.
  • Website: web portals and mailboxes.

Public information and assistance offices

Ministries and organisations reporting to them, Autonomous Communities and Local Councils have a network of offices providing information and assistance to the public. According to the type of office, this information may be general or specific.

The search engine of branches you will find the nearest branch. 

Help lines

Government bodies have help lines providing general assistance and channelling the requirements of the public. These telephones are:

  • Spanish Administration: telephone 060 .
  • Autonomous Communities: telephone 012.
  • Local Councils: telephone 010.

Web portals and mailboxes

You can learn more about the services that public bodies provide at their websites and e-Offices. The portals have a mailbox to which you can send enquiries.

The Directory of public websites they are related the different web portals websites and e-Offices of the public administrations.

In addition, in the note of each Ministry the address of its web portal, attention e-Office and mailbox is specified.