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At any time you can present an application, a written statement or a communication to the Administration without any restrictions. However, so that it can be correctly processed, it should contain:

  • Your full name or that of the person who is representing you.
  • An indication of the method you have chosen to receive the notification (the Administration's reply). You can choose the method you prefer (post, e-mail, etc.). The only condition imposed by the Administration is that there is a record of the receipt of the notification by you or by your representative.
  • The facts, reasons and request on which the application is based. What you are requesting has to be clear in the written document you present.
  • The date and place of presentation must be indicated.
  • Your signature or an accreditation of the authenticity of your wishes expressed by any method.
  • The organisation, centre or administrative unit to which you are sending your application.

If you wish, you can attach any document that you consider relevant to your request.

It is important to remember that you are entitled to request a receipt for the presentation of your document. This must clearly indicate the date on which it was presented. For this purpose, a copy of your document stamped by the Administration's office is sufficient.

For some procedures, the Administration has a standard form for submitting applications. You can obtain information about this from information or register offices and at website of the organisation . For more information go to About register offices .

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You can present your application:

  • At register offices.
  • At post offices. In this case you need to present it in an open envelope so that your document can be stamped with the delivery date and a copy given to you.
  • At Spanish diplomatic representations and consular offices if you are abroad. Go to Spanish diplomatic representations abroad.

 It accesses the option Find your office of the Point of General Access

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You can present your application on paper at register offices or submit it in digital format via the on-line registers. Register offices have a specific timetable for you to present your application, whereas on-line registers are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

In the case of the electronic presentations can choose between the Common Electronic Record (REC) , which is a register where you can present applications to any ministry or subsidiary organisation, or present your application directly via the electronic register of the relevant body.

Electronic registers can be found in ministries' e-Offices. To find them more easily use this link to the Directory of e-Offices .

Note: To be able to present your written statement, communication or application you need to have a currently valid electronic ID card or electronic certificate. These allow you to sign the application and have the same value as a handwritten signature. For more information go to the electronic signature web portal. 

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