Public share in Regulatory Projects

Article 26 of Law 50/1997, of 27 November, published by the Government, establishes two channels for the participation of citizens, organisations and associations in the formulation of draft bills, projects for legislative royal decrees and the draft versions of regulations proposed by the Spanish Administration.

Firstly, before drawing up the bill, a public consultation process will be carried out in order to obtain the opinion of the potential recipients of the bill, through the website of the corresponding department.

Once the bill or draft bill is carried out, and in the event that it affects the rights and legitimate interests of the citizens, the text will be published on the website in order to substantiate the public information procedure or to arrange a hearing to the individuals concerned, directly or via the organisations or associations that represent them, and to obtain any further information that other individuals or organisations may provide. 

Opens the section on public participation in draft legislation on the web portals of the ministerial departments currently available.