State Exams for General Spanish Administration Staff (AGE)

20/04/2017.- Second exercise.- opponent' Distribution because of classrooms and calls for readings (only internal promotion calls)


04/04/2017.- Candidates that have passed the first exam


29/03/2017.- Note by the Tribunal

In accordance with specific point 3.6 of Order HAP/998/2016 of 17 June, announcing selection processes for admission to bodies forming part of the Spanish Administration, and appointing the Standing Committee for Selection as responsible for conducting these processes, it is hereby announced that the second exam will be held in the second fortnight of April.

This note applies to the following selection processes:

28/02/2017.- Presentation of appeals: if you wish to file an appeal against any question, you can do so as follows:

  • By e-mail:
  • at record

When pleading, one must contain at least the question you wish to appeal and the reason you consider it is incorrect.
There is no stipulated term for pleading against the questionnaire.

27/02/2017.- Questionnaires and provisional answer templates for the first General Staff state exams published:

You can also see the information on the Homepage of the INAP (National Institute of Public Administration)(opens in new window)