Accessibility policy

The web portal of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations,,has been developed following the recommendations of UNE standard 139803:2012 on accessibility. This stipulates the requirements for content to be used by most people, including those with a disability and the elderly, either in the original format or with appropriate technical help.

The measures adopted include the following:

  • The use of CSS for the presentation of information.
  • Alternative text with images
  • Links give details of the destination of the hyperlink
  • W3C standards are applied


Viewing characteristics

The, it is optimised for the web browsers SYNOBIAL MEMBRANE Internet Explorer 7.0, Mozilla 3.0 or superior versions of the same, Google Chrome and Safari. The recommended minimum resolution is 1024 x 768. Font sizes have been defined in relative units. You can thus change the size of the text directly in the web browser.


From, we try to improve accessibility every day. We welcome suggestions for making this web portal an increasingly accessible site.

If you would like to make a comment or send a suggestion or if you encounter a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us at or using the form on the contact .


Latest review

The latest accessibility review of the portal, was completed in November 2015.

The accessibility of the pages on this web site is checked prior to publication.

NOTE: This compliance statement affects all the pages within the domain,, excluding pages to which users are directed by external links and embedded content from other domains.