Having a child

Last update: January 2017.

After having a child, you must register the birth at the Civil Registry and the Social Security Institute; they must be assigned a paediatrician and you must submit forms for paternity and/or maternity leave, etc.

The different and most common procedures are listed below, as well as where to do them and the documents you will need. For specific situations related to parents, please consult the concrete requirements and regulations.

The hospital will give you several forms that you will need in some of the procedures:

  • Medical maternity report that will be signed by the doctor or midwife that assisted with the birth.
  • Questionnaire for the declaration of birth which must be completed with the parents' details, if the hospital in which the birth takes place is connected to the on-line system for health centres to report births to civil registries
  • Hospital discharge of mother and baby.
  • If the parents live in a different municipality than where the mother gave birth and want to register the newborn at the Civil Registry where they live (see section on Registration at civil registry for further information):
    • Certificate indicating that the birth of the child has not been recorded in the registry of the place of birth. In the event of on-line communication of the birth by the health centre it is sufficient for the medical report not to include the words “Details reported to Civil Registry” or any equivalent expression and to be stamped by the health centre


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