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This section lets you manage your employment subscriptions with the Spanish Administration.

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General data

Ticking/unticking this box activates the sending of the personalised newsletter

The value you enter in the field Subscription name will appear in the subject of the email

Registration by Institution number

If you know the State institution/grade as stated in the Spanish Public Employment Act, DO NOT fill in any other registration fields. This option to register by Institution number is only available for State Institutions and Grades

Customised registration

In the field 'Institution name', you can use the asterisk to handily replace parts of a chain of characters, such as: auxil* admini*

Destination of the places

The fields 'Autonomous community' and 'Province' can have multiple selections. To tick/untick while clicking, hold down the Control key.

"National" includes Autonomous Regions and Local Authorities and "Autonomous" includes Local Authorities.